Course Descriptions

The training seminars described below are for sworn law enforcement officers and military personnel only. Other classes can be designed and tailored to the general public, so contact HCTS if you are interested.

This class will give students simple and effective empty handed skills they can immediately take and use on the street or in a tactical environment. These skills have been designed by the instructor to be reality based, to be learned within a very short time, and to be easily retained. This is not a martial arts course and will be almost entirely hands on. Students should be dressed appropriately. No leather/tactical gear is required but it is recommended so officers can train with it. No ammunition will be allowed in the classroom.

A more in depth look at the course outline is available at this link.

A single day seminar will cover the following topics:

Basic Fighting Principles
Fighting Platform
Automatic Hand Response
Weapon Retention
Target Points
Skeletal Manipulation
Car Extractions
Ground Recovery
Weapon Take Aways

Multiple day seminars:

A two day seminar is available that covers the same topics as the single day course, but in greater detail and with more time to perfect the techniques taught.

A three day seminar will cover the same topics as the single day course but in greater detail. It is targeted for instructor development. It also adds the following additional topics:

Knife Techniques
Pistol & Rifle Techniques

Custom courses can be tailored to your needs due to multiple requests for knife tactics courses. Contact HCTS to plan a course to meet your requirements.


Single day - $150 per person plus travel and lodging expenses
Two day - $200 per person plus travel and lodging expenses
Three day - $250 per person plus travel and lodging expenses

Seminars with 20 paid participants get two additional slots free.

Contact HCTS for more details or to arrange a seminar.