Danny Halligan - Lead Instructor and Founder

Danny Halligan has been involved with teaching law enforcement officers since 1997. At that time and based on Danny’s reputation as an instructor, an undercover narcotics and gang enforcement investigator from Chicago approached Danny. This investigator came to Danny after having deadly force experiences in hand to hand narcotics transactions which found the investigator in extremely close quarter situations. After being impressed with Danny’s skill level and abilities as an instructor, he and his SWAT commander invited Danny to come and teach the entire team for a day. This training was extremely successful and as a testament to Danny’s abilities, several members of the SWAT team became “traditional” students and started to train weekly. These students often traveled from Chicago to Iowa to train with Danny and then returned to Illinois on the same day in order to work their next shift.

After Danny’s first experience training officers and seeing the danger they face on a daily basis, he decided to commit much of his energy toward designing physical skills programs specifically for law enforcement. Danny’s close relationships with law enforcement allowed him to spend hundreds of hours with officers out on the street experiencing first hand the situations they are forced to deal with. These experiences and the lessons learned became the foundation of Halligan’s Combat Training Systems (HCTS).

Since that time, Danny has taught officers from several dozen police departments throughout Illinois, Iowa, Florida, and Texas and Danny currently teaches for the Illinois Tactical Officer’s Association (ITOA). Danny was also one of less than ten instructors from the United States invited to teach at the ITOA’s annual training conference held in November 2002 and due to officer’s request he has been invited back for conference 2004. Over 700 law enforcement officers attend this conference each year. Danny has also been invited to teach at the Texas Tactical Police Officer’s Association’s (TTPOA) 2004 conference, which is attended by over 600 law enforcement officers from across the United States. Danny also teaches for North East Multi-Regional Training, the largest training organization in Illinois. Danny’s programs are certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board and Danny is certified as expert in hand-to-hand combat for law enforcement officers.

Danny has been involved with various martial arts for over thirty years. He currently teaches Wing Chun kung fu, an art he has dedicated himself to since 1991.