Welcome to Halligan's Combat Training Systems.

This web page is designed to support the programs Danny Halligan has designed for professionals who find themselves in situations where the best physical skills/tactical combatives are necessary to survive a hand to hand confrontation.

Danny takes this training extremely seriously and has the mindset that these skills are designed for the law enforcement professionals of the 21st century who are sworn to serve and protect. Danny believes that his role as a law enforcement instructor brings with it the responsibility to provide the best training possible, knowing that the skills he teaches have the ability to both take life and protect it at the same time. In a post 9/11 world, professionals in military, law enforcement, fireman/paramedics, first responders, flight attendants and airline services professionals can benefit from the skills that Danny teaches.

This belief in providing the best training available to the people who protect us is the driving force behind the never ending desire to improve this program. The skills taught by Danny are constantly honed and refined in order to ensure they are reality based and effective. This is done through non-stop training and relationships with officers who work some of the most deadly streets in the world on a daily basis. Danny's commitment and personal relationships with law enforcement officers allows him to continually ride along and work with officers on the street. This rare insight gives Danny the ability to understand first-hand what officers are confronted with while working. These relationships allow him to maintain and revise reality based skills for all tactical environments.

In Illinois, Danny has provided training in dozens of police departments. He has trained members of NIPAS, Cook County Sheriff's Police HBT, Des Plaines TRT, and Illinois State Police. Danny has taught this course several times for the Illinois Tactical Officers Association and was an invited instructor at the 2002 ITOA Annual Training Conference and the TTPOA conference for the last four years. This program is certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board through NEMRT.

Check out some photos from the recent three day class in Nacogdoches, Texas