Marty Fitzpatrich - Instructor

Marty Fitzpatrick has been training under Danny Halligan since 2003 in traditional art of wing chun. Prior to meeting and training with Danny, Marty had been doing different arts most of his adult life and believes he has never found a better system than wing chun. In 2004 Marty was invited to help train law enforcement professionals with Halligan's Combat Training Systems. Marty believes it is a privilege and a honor to help train the law enforcement and military communities. Marty has worked for HCTS training law enforcement through North East Multi Regional Training and has trained at the ILEETA Conference in 2009 and the Women's Tactical Association. Marty assisted HCTS founder Danny Halligan in developing the combat fighting system for military and swat that is taught by HCTS and Paul Howe's Combat Shooting and Tactics. As a senior instructor Marty loves to see people develop a life saving skill and to see them come away with more confidence in protecting what they love and cherish most; family, friends and country.